History and background
  GPRI was established to develop a system to remove paint and coatings from scrap automotive plastics.  The idea was to reclaim and reuse valuable plastics resources rather than send them to a landfill.

GPRI's roots are deep in Michigan.  The Targosz family has owned and operated a fabrication and coating business in Detroit and Southfield for over 60 years.  The original company was Sure-Weld and it was located in Detroit.  In 2001 the Company moved to Southfield, Michigan and renamed SEMCO to recognize the broader scope of business.

GPRI was established as a sister company to SEMCO.  The company processed and successfully reclaimed over 20 sample plastics provided by potential customers.  The plastics GPRI cleaned and reclaimed include:
Capron, GTX902, HIPP, Nylon and Blended Nylons, PA+PPE, PEO, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene PVC, PPE, PPI/EHA, PPO, PPO+PA, TPO and TPU.

We are conducting ongoing tests of other substrates and small parts.

GPRI is looking forward to a successful future.  To date it has an amazing list of accomplishments:
  • The initial process R&D is completed
  • We have a formal ongoing research and process development program
  • The cleaning process and residuals disposal are EPA approved
  • We continue testing customer's sample plastics
  • A full-scale, high volume production cleaning system is being built
  • Ready to grow
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