Free Test of your scrap plastics
  It's easy to get started.  Your first Sample Test is FREE.  Please call 248-910-8226 or email us at  We'll discuss what materials you use and an appropriate sample size.  Then we'll clean and reclaim the plastics for you.  You can test the results.

Here's the process.  Send us your scrap plastics in a gaylord or bin.  You'll need to include the MSDS sheets for the primers, paints, resin and/or other coatings.  We'll clean the sample using our patented process.  The reclaimed sample material goes back to you precisely as received MINUS the primer and paint.  You can inspect the returned/reclaimed plastics and test it... it's ready for remolding into first quality parts.

We ask only that you pay for the freight to and from our Southfield, Michigan reclamation facility.


The plastics and compounds we have successfully reclaimed and tested include:
Capron, GTX902, HIPP, Nylon and Blended Nylons, PA+PPE, PEO, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene PVC, Polypropylene, PPE, PPI/EHA, PPO, PPO+PA, TPO and TPU

The coatings we have successfully removed include: 1 & 2 Component Urethane, all Water Based Coatings, Enamel, Epoxy, Lacquer, Polyester, Rigid/Flexclears, Soft Feel and Soft Suede
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